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(This guy agrees with the Santa Barbara killer and was complaining about women dating "thugs and alphas." When asked why he cares what kind of men women date, this was his answer.)

Because it affects me, directly or indirectly. Not to mention their choices are just revolting. The long term effects on the genetic make up of the human species are enough to make the skin crawl when contemplated. Besides, would you want a dead skunk in your front yard? Because that's what watching women go home with a litany of useless louts and sociopaths is like. If nothing else, it's morally turpentine. But that's unimportant.

Betas are given the bill in a great many ways too numerous to list. It's everything from the direct, like paying for their washed up near menopausal 'done-having-fun' wife's offspring from another man, or Sandra Flukes birth control, or welfare queens' broods and future criminal thugs. Or more indirect, such as the fact that women (and "alpha" business major types, even more so) are far more represented in make work jobs that essentially parasite off of the vein of value creation represented by cognitively intense information work done by much despised "nerds" and other unworthies.

More abstractly still, is the fact that marriage is essentially a front loaded investment for a man. He gets his wife's youthful years up front, and agrees to support her long after they're over. When they marry late and used up, he is deprived of much of that benefit will still paying more than ever. Because needless to say, she was giving it out when she was young, but not to him or anyone like him. It is a intolerable situation and one that is bound to lead to profound social consequences. Which affect me, of course, especially because I care more about the uplift of civilization than the feelings and so-called "rights" of its favored members.



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