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How many of you agree that science needs to be reined in, and that out of control science is one of the greatest dangers to mankind short of Satan himself? YES

Should there be limits to what scientists can study? YES

Should all research be subjected to some kind of ethics board approval? YES

Should be some kind of review of any proposed research for ethical purposes, and should that board include people who are not themselves scientists? YES

Is the whole idea of discovery for the sake of discovery is flawed? YES

Are there limits to what mankind should be allowed to know? YES

Is the much touted liberal idea of being open minded a recipie for destruction? YES

Does being too open minded cause people to think too much and question too much? YES

Is it dangerous to think too much, and question too much? YES

Is it dangerous to know too much? YES

Does knowledge ultimately reduce peoples fear of God? YES

Is it better to be closed minded - secure in the knowledge that God has told you everything that you need to know? YES

We really need to put the breaks on science. Scientists should only be allowed to study what needs to be studied as decided by the people. Scientists should stop telling people what to believe.



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