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[Regarding a bill proposed, and shelved, in Connecticut.]

If I understand this right the gays want the state and federal government to recognize domestic partnerships. I think where the real anger with them lies is they want the state and federal government to equate the domestic partnerships with marriage between and a man and a women. The gays already have the legal right to have a domestic partnership so, the question is what are they actually wanting. Is it that they say want the benefits and privileges that come with marriage, is that the real issue? Tax purpose wise marriage doesn't have any benefit, as a matter of fact the tax burden on married people is greater than that of those single or living together. There are some employee benefits such carrying a spouse on group insurance plan, health and life. In the states where homosexuals unions have been made legal, do they declare at the time of the union which is the acting male figure and female figure on the license so the judge knows who to assign alimony payments in case of divorce? No I think the main reason for the push for the change in a 220 year old law is to desecrate the marriage institution because it is ordained by God, just as every other God honoring thing is under attack in America today.
Offenses are sure to come but woe unto those who they come by.



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