Pastor Steven L. Anderson #fundie

[Going to the doctor is apparently evil]

I have not been to the doctor in years. I think I am going on about three years now since I have been to the doctor. Praise the Lord. You know, I went to the doctor three years ago because I got a really bad bronchial infection, you know, bronchitis. I think you had that recently. I had bronchitis and I had to...and I struggled with it for like a month just trying to get over it. It was not going anywhere, you know, so I had to go and get the antibiotics and get over that.

There is a time when you are forced to go to the doctor. But let me tell you something, going to the doctor is not a positive thing. Going to the doctor is not the end all, be all. Going to the doctor can actually be a negative thing. Did you know that? I am going to show you that in the Bible a little bit further. But going to the doctor is a negative thing. You should only use the doctor as a last resort. This is just wisdom from the Bible.


Well, then why were people in the Bible days living to be 120 years old? Tell me that. Why was Moses 123 years old as he died if he was so medically stupid.



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