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RE: FtM Transgender community meets the Blackpill.

"being a man is like dying and coming back as a ghost"
I can't believe it took a woman to perfectly describe man's experience.

It really hit me when they were speaking about being a ghost. I haven't really lived. Life as an average/ugly male is just a different world entirely. You get treated as disposable garbage, no one cares about your issues, people are distant toward you, people think it's ok to mock you, dating is shit or non existant. It's just misery.

(Jack Archer)
Many women literally don’t know how good they have it. My friend’s gf was complaining about the fact that her default option is having a family and a husband. Meanwhile, a male’s default option is living penniless and alone with no family or wife. Unbelievable.

(Janos Fejos)
Imagine you went through a dangerous and difficult transition to have a better life only to find out that it's actually hell on earth.

(Berserk S.)
Women think every guy lives like the handsome hot dude they admire.

I knew a trans girl who became a boy. Told her she was gonna have problems because of her height. Didn't listen to me. Then, depression took over.

Imagine choosing life as a 5'6 male.
I just feel bad - these people have been lied to about the patriarchy or whatever.

It's simple. Being a woman means you're the prize and being a man means you're the competitor. Competitors are naturally hostile to each other and most wont get the prize because they weren't good enough. Prizes or trophies just have to sit there and look valuable. By choosing to be a male you're choosing hard mode in life.

(David Brinkerhoff)
I have, at times, tried to explain the difficulties and challenges of heightism in the modern world to my sister. It is literally impossible to get them to understand. Their life experience is that Chad can pick and reject whomever he pleases. It hurts them to be rejected/ignored by Chad and so they redirect their insecurities by assuming all men are Chad.

Ftm shock is even bigger than sub5 discovering blackpill, since they already lived in hell, just found out why...Ftm went straight from tutorial to impossible nightmare mode



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