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A good example of brainwashing are the countless children's programmes which feature multiracial presenting teams, usually a black youth and a blonde girl, enticing young minds into believing that not only is this acceptable but even desireable, aiming their propaganda mainly at females who tend to be more susceptible and impressionable. Even programmes that have a supposed historical basis will feature people of different races as members of society, giving children the impression that England has always been a multiracial society, flying in the face of facts which these broadcasting companies do not care about so long as they seek to win awards for diversity and inclusivity, the latter being the latest of these Orwellian sounding watchwords and increase viewing ratings. We must combat this by engaging in counter-propaganda.

Not content with having created the disaster of the multicultural and multiracial society the government now is seeking to ensure that all public bodies including the Police are inclusive and representative of the diverse nature of the society that they serve. Of course this diversity and inclusivity are not just confined to race and gender but also extend to those who have what are euphemastically referred to as alternative lifestyles or to be more specific, homosexuals. Nothing pleases the establishment more than the prospect of an industrial or public sector leader who is female, lesbian, black (or inceasingly mixed race) and if possible disabled. Many public sector organisations have leg up programmes which aim to give homosexuals, non-Aryans and females a distinct advantage over the normal healthy Aryan male, who despite all denials by the liberal establishment are increasingly under-represented in many senior public sector positions. So instead of Aryan societies being governed by the racially fittest it is now truly the era of the rule of the Underman-or woman!

The tide however is beginning to turn. In the last year or so we have begun to see the awakening of Aryan youth in this country. Their boldness and courage is refreshing to see.



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