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RE: Have I already lost her? Is it already too late?

( GA626 )
As a mother myself with a 5 month old, I very much dread her future and the thought of this happening.

You cannot restrict her access to the internet, but what I would do in this situation is explain to her the dangers of strangers on the internet, explain what the term 'grooming' means, and also explain to her what puberty blockers are used for and the permanent damages they cause to the body.

Show her pictures of TIF's, after 'gender affirming surgery', even if you consider them extremely graphic. Show her the damage this ideology causes. People like Chloe Cole and other detransitioners are people she should look up and read about. Libsoftiktok, Kellie Jay Keen etc.

I don't know how old she is, but children are immature and won't hit full maturity until 25. She cannot possibly know anything about her future, other than the ideas put into her head now by the trans cult and she needs to be protected from those ideas. She needs to understand exactly what happens when you are sterile.

If you want to find your daughter again, this is what needs to be done in order to make her understand the reality behind the ideology. It's designed to tear children away from parents and destroy relationships. You could also explain to her what a cult is.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. It sounds like a nightmare.

( LunarMoose )
Home school her (can you?) Turn OFF the internet. I would absolutely do this (I did turn off the internet for my home at one point, not because of trans issues - daughter's behavior was really tough for a few months. This sucked for me, too (I like the internet) and daughter said I'd never survive. I sure did! And those issues disappeared :) Move. Do you have relatives you can stay with (in a conservative part of the country?) Then send her to a private school. Or home school.

If this were my daughter, I'd make every drastic step I could to interrupt this. As others have asked - how old is she?

( FlorenceBlue )
Take away any device she has that connects to the internet.

( WatcherattheGates )
I don't know how old she is, but if she is younger than 17, take a hammer and smash her phone and computer. I mean it. That is the only way. If you can, also take her on a gap year to Europe or somewhere else, immediately. I promise you that if you sever it all, you will see her come back, bit by bit.



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