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To be a climate change skeptic has labeled us as ultra-conservative even if you are like myself, usually straddling the fence. I put that into a song back when Obummer was still king.

Science, Politics and Fear

Our President (Obama) just called me a denier,
He told his followers to put my “feet to the fire”!
Engaging in ridicule, spin and vicious mirth,
Proposing that “doubters live on a flat earth”.
Claiming that “To wind and solar power we must turn”-
Preaching that we’re doomed by all the fossil fuel we burn.

Science, politics and fear…
They tell us “hell on earth” will soon be here
So get out your ‘Humboldt County grown’ and I’ll go get some beer;
Here comes science, politics and fear.

While telling this, I wonder just how long it might be,
Before those “men in black” come sneaking ‘round to visit me.
While I accept the theory of that “greenhouse effect”,
The common sense my daddy taught me’s making me suspect…
There’s much more to climate change than carbon trapping infrared
And the people have by “new progressive science” been misled.

Science, politics and fear…
The end of all free nations could be near.
So, let’s protect the sovereignties we all hold dear
From science, politics and fear.

Instrumental verse & refrain

The panicked fight on climate is a challenge to surmise,
After decades now with just El Nino temperature rise.
Those models, they get further from reality each year
Yet, consensus of opinion of the future mongers fear!
But, I fear global governmental centralization:
U.N. bureaucrat controllers of a world enslaving nation.

Science, politics and fear…
Hey, ‘1984’ is almost here!
An unholy trinity’s replaced the Holy one, its clear-
Science, politics and fear!



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