Tim Sanders #fundie web.archive.org

The 88 Skins wish to officially endorse Multinomah County's (Portland Oregon) issuing of Homo-faggot-queer-asspacker-buttstud-Marriage licenses.

It's wonderful that the county has taken such a strong stand for diversity. And if various mentally unstable and homicidally inclined individuals become incited by the Fag freak show to take a stand, we certainly won't be depressed. Considering all the death and bomb threats received, it is possible that some hardcore Christians might perform his own .308 voter recall campaign.

We can only pray for the best.

If our prayers are answered and bodies do hit the ground, gay marriages will have been proven a great idea!

As terrible Tommie sex: worse is better.

In the unhappy case that a random sniper psycho doesn't snap and make County Commie's pay, gay marriages can still benefit the white cause.

Multinomah county is building a database of the names and addresses of the most perverted freaks in Portland Oregon. This will make it easy to round them all up, when the time is just right and have some fun.

First we will tattoo pink triangles on the faggots then pack 'em tight into cattle cars...they always liked to get packed tight...We next transport the happy couples to a fabulous vacation resort to celebrate their wedded bliss. Uncle Adolph's gay pride center and Nazi Concentration Camp.



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