Jewels #fundie

In my house were having a problem in our bathroom. My son would when taking showers sometimes go into fits and rages. They could be nasty....
Prayer and seeking God went forth through the deliverance sessions and my prayer partner when i was in the bathroom felt she was in another diminsion.
At a later time she felt something was connected to the bathroom wall going outside where my son had his sand box and we had some other stuff. Something was wrong in that area.
We prayed and had Holy communion in that spot.
Not a problem that i can think of with Ben having fits in the bathroom sence.
There may have been Indian activity here once.... we are in the boonies....
There was also the problem of me by accident in drawing a murial on the bathroom door i opened a portal i think.... but thats another story...
Anyhow closing the portal.and having Communion in this one spot has really been extremely beneificial. I dont understand it but i respect it..
God knew what was needed.. Praise the name of the Lord and thanks to the sweet Holy Spirit who has all knowledge and wisdom!God is on the move.... even in our bathroom!



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