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[On Mark Steyn]

“—it is long past time for him to admit his errors and change his ways.”

That goes for EVERY so-called “good Jew”! A YouTuber I’ve followed for quite some time, Scott Roberts, a fella who’s been banned numerous times for his “anti-Semitic hate speech” and has had to set up multiple sock-accounts as a result, used to have a video up called Put Them On Point (Mythological Good Jew) which was, as you can guess by the title, not well-received by the (((YouTube Warriors))) and was removed. But the video echoed what I myself believe, namely that “good Jews” (honest Jews who are or can be true allies to Whites) are as rare a find as leprechauns. And any leprechaun that you may happen upon in this upside-down Clown World should be tested to determine if they indeed are true leprechauns by putting them on point, just like in actual wartime. See if they’re willing to “take a bullet” to help defend Whites. In 100% of the cases I’ve ever seen or heard about, where there was a “good Jew” (real leprechaun)— none of them — and I mean none!–, upon close scrutiny, could display that “pot of gold”, namely to truly betray their Jewish brethren without some kind of subtle, deceptive, pro-Jewish angle. I can say that about Benjamin Freedman— about “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner— and about any of them, with pure honesty.



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