Ron Hesselmeyer #racist

People like you talk about "fearing" brown people because this is an emotional response far more familiar to you than to those you accuse. Enemy fifth columnists are just like that... timid rodents fearful of being found out. For our part, we simply do not want our nations and cultures to be overrun and subsumed by people utterly alien to us, and thus destroyed. You WANT us destroyed, so what you do is insult our intellgence with some pathetic and weak appeal to what you assume is our machismo and characterize patriotism as "fear." You're an enemy. A seditionist. Projecting your own weakness upon adults who still have testosterone enough in their veins to want to protect their nations. And being the spineless entity you are, you just cannot relate or even concieve of such a thing as traditional honor. You're an anti-white communist, and it is not foreigners we have negative feelings for (as long as they do not invade our lands) but YOU we hate. You are the virulent enemy, the HATER of western civilization and the people who created it. It gets old, and just so you know, we see you for what you truly are.



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