Trout #racist

It’s a fact that us Christians can’t be raciest or homophobic because, simply we are Christians which means we love all people and we don’t judge either.

With that said, none of us Christians care much for those who associate themselves with the LGBTQP community, nor do we like you sand people.

God makes it 100% clear in His Book that what the gay people and those other letter do to each other is wrong. It’s not natural for one to be attracted to the same sex and it’s gross when two men get turned on by each other and one ends up putting himself inside of another man. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll just begin to wonder how it feels for the same sex to be inside of me and I just get sick to my stomach.

As for the sand people, they don’t even like us Christians our God or His Son, Jesus. In exchange we don’t like your God either so all of you can just move back to the sand countries. It’s time we kick your butts out, this goes for the brown people too. You all need to move back to Mexico.

Please vote Trump 2016 so we can take our country back and make it Great Again.

~Christian Voters of America



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