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Hello again C Dunamis…this was an excellent read…it sometimes really surprises me when you cover ground on some things that I have had to deal with…like the Evil Implant spirit….and many such things…. in addition to seeds ,,, are eggs , roots ,and devices of the “whatever it is” . strong men of,,,giants of (if the pressure is great in your head,,,like your head ballooning)…in instances where the unforgiveness is hard to root out ….work on casting out the persons “name”…the Demons that identify with that person will let go…(mostly because the makeup of the personality of the person is a high percentage demonic) and just to think of the person is oppressive sometimes…and also the spirits of the offense….because the devil set up the deed to begin with knowing how you would respond….we are very sheep ,,and learning is one thing, remembering is far another (we need HIS Impartations…we have to seek it,,,)
When you identify and announce the names of the Demons in the person often the demon Pride of the person will rise in offense and shut down the session…I recognized this when I went to cast out a Communist Spirit out of a pastors knee and so I told him I will not tell him what it is until we have pressed through the most of the session….and we did come to a point where he said he felt his cartilage was being re-knitted in his knee…and then I advised him what the spirit was and told him he needed to come against it for ten minutes every day….simple task really….so a lot changed in his personality as he complied .
I thank you for your honest report of the unseen realms….



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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