Krixxset #racist

[note: the link is to an image from the discord of r/conservative]

You are literally incapable of maintaining any kind of society at all.. your races brain is only able to manage a tribal hunter gatherer, stone age existence... your race literally never invented the wheel, never created writing, never developed agriculture and is consistently shown to be TOTALLY incapable of even functioning within another groups society while being baby sat.... you naturally create dysfunction and cannot even understand basic concepts such as "cause and effect".... You are by far the worst mistake of nature and if it wasn't for MASSIVE white charity your race would be extinct... Therein lay a prime example of your dysfunctional nature... The only people helping you are whites, your people depend on white charity and yet its whites who you hate and try to harm the most... You fail to realise that if whites are destroyed it will directly affect your group in a very negative way and this simple reality where the cause and effect are absolutely clear is too difficult for you to understand... Useless creature you are..



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