State_of_Iowa #racist

China does suck because China is the CCP. The ethnic people in the regions who haven't been sucked into the Han rudeness, disrespect, selfishness and classlessness have cultures that don't suck. Tibetan culture doesn't suck. Uighur culture doesn't suck. Even Malaysian Chinese culture doesn't suck. It's China that sucks.

So are you saying China is better? And you're trying to start an argument on this? That's just the attitude China has which pisses people off. Chinese act like they own Thailand and Thailand should be lucky to have Chinese visiting. It's ridiculous. But anyway, we don't have plastic rice, we don't eat dogs, we don't put random meats in food and call it chicken, we don't cause animals to go extinct, we don't pollute everywhere we go, we don't fish used oil out of drains to cook food in, we don't let out kids poop in public, etc etc. We also know how to queue. We are also a hell of a lot better at enforcing regulations. Our air is also way cleaner and breathable. Still feel good up there in your pedestal?



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