BladingEagle #racist #sexist #transphobia #wingnut

JFL I am so unique and different

>I want open borders
>I want one mixed race world
>I want all firearms to be banned
>I want to ban "hate" speech
>I think POC are oppressed
>I think trannies are oppressed
>I think racism is mental illness but gender dysphoria isn't
>I think women should have abortions
>I think people should take vaccines
>I think nazis were the worst people
>I think blacks are being killed by police for being black
>I think white men have all the power
>I think women are oppressed
>I think Myanmar is evil for opppressing Rohingya people
>I think fascism is a real theat to humanity

But above all I dye my hair red and listen to alt rock. Aren't I the most unique free thinking person in the world with no one controlling my thought process?

This are all the points nearly every redditor will agree with especially our detractors. They are unable to hold a single unique opinion that goes against the popular narrative but at the same time they also consider themselves to be always right and the intellectuals of modern age.



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