Robert L #fundie

God spoke to Benny Hinn, and showed him that even the classic movies that he was watching, were grieving the Spirit of Christ. My mother used to love her classic movies, but recently threw away thousands of dollars worth of videos because God spoke to her about it. Trust me, that is never easy to do!

You might also go through your home to see if there's anything that is not pleasing to God. Fighting or combat figures, karate materials, or anything that symbolizes violence or murder could be an open door that keeps letting them back in. I would in particular look for anything that would give the type of spirits that you're up against (murder, anger, etc.) an open door. Bringing a sex goddess into somebody's home will invite sex demons; bringing a buddha idol into the home invites eastern religion spirits; bringing ungodly violent materials into the home invites spirits of murder, hate, anger, etc.



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