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“It’s not our fault we murdered that girl in Charlottesville! The Left made us do it!”

Yeah. Pretty much. The left tried to shut down a legal protest by force. They sprayed Unite the Right rally attendees in the face with pepper spray, smashed them over the head with Maglite flashlights and all sorts of other club-like weapons (including literal communist flags), pointed loaded rifles at them, et cetera. And the left had been committing similar acts of one-sided violent extremism at right-wing events for at least a year leading up to that event. One guy finally snapped and drove into an armed leftist mob that was attacking him and blocking the road.

Yay! Now we get to claim the moral high ground, accuse the entire Alt-Right of being terrorists, and ban them from the internet!
And let's use another East Asian country in order to conduct a quick thought experiment since the first one seemed to really trigger you. If you and I somehow became dual dictators of China and we decided to flood China with replacement level immigration and filled their heads with racial self-hatred through the media and education system, who would ultimately be at fault for the subsequent rise of violent far-right Chinese nationalism? Would the Chinese equivalent of the Alt-Right be at fault for not warmly welcoming their racial destruction? Or would you and I be at fault for pursuing an anti-Asian agenda? Obviously we'd be at fault since far-right militancy is a totally predictable consequence of trying to subvert and demographically destroy a people from within.

I fail to see how the situation is significantly different here in the West. In fact, the only significant difference that I can really think of is the shocking level of relative passivity of the far-right nationalists in the West. Any other race put in our shoes would have erupted in widespread violent extremism years ago.
Trying to make White people minorities in their own countries and gradually blending them out of existence is obviously going to elicit a violent response from the White people who aren't ethnomasochistic cucks. Let's just pray that the right-wing nationalists actually win the impending civil wars that will hopefully occur over the next several decades. The literal survival of the White race depends on it.



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