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[Venting] "There children in Africa who suffer more then you"

No they don't fucking suffer more then me, sure, objectively speaking, yes, I have better life then them,
but in reality, they are happier, they are living the life that their brains and bodies accustomed to,
they have sex, a community, physical work and they will never lack a purpose since Africa is so under-developed that there will always be something to do,

Humans, regardless of race aren't adapted to the modern way of living, yes, the modern way of living is by FAR better,
but it doesn't matter when our brains and bodies aren't happy with it

Even if they do suffer more than you, however that could possibly be measured, well it doesn't actually mean anything. People use the fallacy of relative privation as if to make some zero effort reply as a substitute for actual advice or responses, and really it just makes everyone feel worse.

I genuinely wonder if people make the mistake of looking at life as if it were some sort of scale ranging from the worst possible experience, to infinite bliss. Of course it doesn't actually work like that, and while suffering can increase substantially, pleasure doesn't have the same capacity for growth. It's all just need deprivation and fulfillment at the end of the day.

They do suffer more, they have more issues then I do, but having issues and focusing on something is required for normal brain function, but if you will look at the chemicals in the brain, they are most likely happier

”There was some femcel post similar to this today:

I HATE it when people invalidate my feelings by saying "people have bigger problems than being single"

At face value I'd actually agree with that. The problem is that normies only seem to apply this sort of reasoning one way, and then just proceed to shame us. Her failure to attract a good looking man is a problem, and although it seems silly to me and I can laugh about it, explaining my feelings about this to her wouldn't accomplish anything. The brain invents problems for you as to make sure that you won't be content, even if we all ascended tomorrow, eventually it would just be something else. Keep in mind that every success is another person's failure, ascending contributes to that, her being a chadsexual does as well.

I'll accept her problems the moment I stop being shamed for mine tbh, but we know that's not going to happen. It's easy to expect consideration and understanding, but apparently it's not so easy for people to offer these things to others, or at least low status men (or men in general). Remember, problems are only problems when they happen to women.

The difference is, they are femcels by choice, we are incels because of our genetics.

Any women is capable of sleeping with her looksmatch. She REFUSES to.



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