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A man in England who had lived as a woman for seven years says that he has been set free from transgenderism by Jesus Christ after seeking help from counselors and doctors and only being told that his problems needed to be addressed by having a sex-change operation.

Peter Benjamin recently told Christian Concern that he never had thoughts about dressing like a girl as a child — that is, until his parents took him at age 10 to a show where men in drag engaged in erotic dancing.

“When I was five or six, I had no thought of becoming a girl,” he outlined. “It wasn’t until I was exposed to men in dresses at cabaret shows that my mind went that way.”

Benjamin then began taking clothes from his mother’s wardrobe and trying them on in secret. He also went to the library to find books about cross-dressing and learn more about the subject. When Benjamin was 13, the first homosexual pride rally was held in the United Kingdom.

At age 16, Benjamin joined the Army, but due to feelings of loneliness and anxiety, he turned to alcohol. He says that his drinking led him to cross-dress, and it was an endless back-and-forth cycle. He felt depressed and suicidal.

“I believe that one feeds off the other. I drink so I lose my inhibitions, so I can cross-dress. I’m ashamed of my cross-dressing, so I drink,” he outlined.

Roger Marks:
Wow! Who needs science when you hear a powerful story like this?



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