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We've checked back here a few times today and find this worth repeating a third time to a few very hostile people who appear to have been on here all day -- we and thousands of other professionals around the globe have been working with women (and men) for decades now who are suffering terribly over the loss of their children to abortion. They require tendere care, support and love, for countless millions suffer the very real post-abortion-trama, p-a-syndrome, -stress, -depression, and the list goes on and on. They are usually self-destructive and self-loathing. The demographic is sweeping, it literally affects millions, numerous commit suicide. The women who lose their children to abortion are the second victim after the baby, the fathers the third, extended families suffer as well, and society, and thus. These are facts which have been well established for decades, though women's souls have been the same since the dawn of time. We need not debate here nor will we engage here with angry posters in moods to argue. Please be kind to one another, everybody. And remember that once conceived, the child is a living, growing human boy or girl ... there's no debate there, either, it is a scientific fact, for if it was not there would be no desire, fear, encouragement or demand to terminate the life in the first place.



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