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The SpaceX live feed footage made it appear that the rocket turned sideways and then went straight down. I assumed it was just the camera angle. However, footage taken from a nearby highway proves it did in fact go straight back down. If it were following the curve of the earth like planes are said to be doing, it would appear to be flying straight like planes do when flying with the "curve." However, unlike planes, Rockets don't have wings, rudders, or ability to adjust the trim to stay straight and level. I mean curved and arched lol. Once they tip over they have no choice but to go straight back down to the ocean.

Many are commenting that I'm not aware of how rockets get to space. I am aware of this process, but if you take a screenshot at 2:35 in the video and then use a program that allows you to drag a picture of the ball earth into the curved flight path, you will reveal that the earth is really tiny or the rocket did fly into the ocean as it appears. Here is a link to a video where I admit to being wrong about the flight path. It proves the globe model as well ?? https://youtu.be/9Rx6_ynBtNM
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