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[Seriously, whatever happened to Love thy nieghbour?

I am a young mom, who works in the legal field. Well, now I stay home and school my daughter. To move further in the career field, I had to have a mandatory “diversity” class. I decided to do this online. It started with Gender and Society in which the professor was “out to get me.” I chewed the University, which shall go unnamed, who then put me into Social Problems. These online classes have real-time seminars and a message board in which the student participates. The Social Problems curriculum was just as evil. The book was horrid and the required Internet readings consisted of visiting activist groups. Some assignments consisted of visiting a homeless organization, the ACLU and the Sierra Club, none of which I could ever stand. I was mad, spoke out against the curriculum in nearly every lesson and provided the other side. The professor let me do it. Conservative professors are more silent than liberal professors, I found, as the conservative ones say that out of professionalism they cannot add personal conjecture.

To make a long story short, I began referring to your book Brave New Schools, quite often. The professor once asked me to explain why I thought the program was socialist and I used your book, which she admitted to reading and feeling alarmed at what is going on in education. I even used it in my final and got a 99. I was so upset in seeing how many people believed in things such as teaching sex education at such a young age or believing that the federal government can and should solve everything. What your book did was provide me with a way to drive the point that by the time kids leave these “21st Century” high schools now, there are very few that would be able to challenge the academic left. It also helped me prove the indoctrination attempts in the college curriculum.



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