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Title: I found out my boyfriend paid for pornhub premium

Before that I asked him if he watches porn and he said no. Then I replied " I think you're lying" and he said "yes I have during our relationship but not frequently. " And then I found out he has pornhub premium.
I'm completely disgusted and I plan on breaking up with him tomorrow. Just wanted to post this here because I didn't want to hear the "Porn is okay" mentality in other communities.
I'm honestly heartbroken, and have been in this relationship for almost 4 years. I feel empty and angry. So angry. So disappointed. The worst feeling. I've cried so much already and will probably cry some more tonight.
Any comments/advice is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
Edit: i am so happy I have this community of bright women.. thank you all so much for your comments. I'm reading them all and they're so helpful and kind. Thank you again. You are all helping me get through this and I feel so lucky especially because I don't have female friends to discuss this with.

(ShoshannaDreyfus) Omg the comments on OP’s other post have just put me off eating dinner lol. One of the top replies is literally a pick me bragging about blowing her boyfriend while he watches VR porn like wow you’re so cool 💀💀

(Phoenix__Rising2018) Just imagine how sad she truly is. And that's exactly why she's attacking op.

(ShoshannaDreyfus) Literally, these women are sooo fucking angry at OP for not being okay with porn. ‘My boyfriend loves porn and watches it every day! I love porn too, who doesn’t love exploitation of women 😍🙏 I even let him use my body as a fleshlight while he watches women get beaten!’ Like no one cares about your pathetic excuse for a relationship. I’m telling myself most of these posters are actually men because I don’t want to believe that this many women are deeply brainwashed 😷



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