Meus & andinocel #racist #sexist

SuicideFuel Slavs get mogged by every race

East Asians are smarter and have older cultures.
Indians and Spics have better family values and Indians are in many high positions in the US too and Spics will literally replace whites in the US.
Western Europeans invented more shit and have cooler and more influential cultures
Scandinavians are better looking physically and also live in rich countries.
Muslims, again better family values but they are also like 2 billion and have much more influence.

Literally the only race that does not mog Slavs is niggers JFL and even they have heavily influenced music and sports and foids think they have big dicks.

The Slav pill is absolutely brutal. We are literally the most pathetic race on earth and only known for corruption, poverty and alcoholism. Even our fucking leaders hated us and tried to genocide us JFL. Never began.

There is no way spics mogs slavs - you guys are taller than us, for starters.

In terms of face, slavic guys aren't great looking but you guys can ogre max and are white (side note: it boggles my mind me how many white nationalists don't view slavs as white)

Spics do not necessarily have better family values --- single mothers are very common, and once hispanic foids move to the US they almost immediately pick up SJW woke buzzfeed type garbage

And finally, your culture may not be as old as East Asian or Indian culture, but your history goes back to at least the iron age -- on the other hand, we're basically mongrels descended from conquered savages that were forcibly converted



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