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How many of You would actually really want yandere gf/bf irl?

Thenamesevan: Predictable answer, I know, but I absolutely would. I usually get really obsessive, clingy, and possessive myself, so having a girlfriend who was the same way would be heaven for me. To have something like that, I’d be willing to give up any amount of privacy or control I needed to.
The “type” isn’t a terribly important subject to me. Really, as long as I don’t get murdered, I’m fine.

I'd love to have a yandere like girlfriend the thought of having someone completely obsessed over me and wanting my complete attention is just i dont know , i love it i guess i would say.
Btw Im not narcissistic in any way, shape or form.i have social anxiety which causes me to crack under intense pressure,i can't handle being put on the spot.

Oppaisssenpai: I don't want to seem selfish or anything but after all this hard years I've been through in my childhood (daily bullying, beatings, neglection by my parents and still ongoing depressions + mental breakdowns) I'd love to have someone actually caring for me and making my life at least a little bit enjoyable. True love is the only thing I desperately crave sometimes. Even if it's just a short while and ends up with me being murdered :)

Shirage7: My S/O is one but he didn't know before me that he was obsessive/possessive and I must say it's the best relationship I ever had, I feel loved for the first time in my life. The thought of having a "yandere" (I really hate using that word for irl obsessiveness welp) never occurred to me, I always found that me being the creepy/stalker/crazy/obsessive gf was already hard enough and left it at that. In my mind I just wanted to be accepted, I never had expectations for my future partner apart of that and even then I would tell myself I'm not built for a relationship because I feel too much, too intensely. Now that I have someone like me, it feels amazing.



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