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[Idea] Free speech is an absolute right

There are no "eXcEpTioNs" to free speech. It's perfectly allowed, though stupid and unreasonable, to shout "FIRE" in a crowded theatre.

If you believe in "exceptions" or any other restrictions of free speech, then you do not believe in free speech, and then you do not believe in human rights and have literally no ground to talk about your "rights" ever.

The right to free speech is an objective reality and is exists without permission from the government, it is universal and requires no good goy soycial credit score to use. Even the anti-free speech cucks can use this right, but it's up to the normal people (like ourselves) not to listen to these idiots

The cucks can waste decades and decades of their pathetic existence to assist certain people's effort to eliminate free speech and replace it with permitted speech, but they cannot win.

Free speech and other human rights (which womb-man "rights" are not) are an objective reality, as evidenced by the failure of nations who repressed said rights. In particular, every dictatorship has eventually become a corrupt shithole and got wiped out; while the US with its right to free speech, to representation, to guns and so on has become the wealthiest nation ever. Only with the introduction of the fake foid "rights" and the restrictions on the real rights did it start to crumble, and it will eventually collapse.

In particular, it's our right to spread the blackpill truth on the major social media platforms, because their coverage makes them essential social infrastructure and therefore a key part of exercising the right of free speech (as opposed to incel-only or soycuck-only or other community-centered forums).

Any cuck that advocates for repression of free speech to end up in a corrupt shithole with stagnating economy and no political process has only himself to blame.



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