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Were the nazis cucked?
The Wehrmacht popularized the march "Erika", which without contest I'm sure it would be cheerished by simps. It talks about a faithful women (which is as false as the likelyhood of the reich surviving after the war on itself.) and uses it to motivate german troops. This kind of cope only could be used by an extreme bluepiller. Hell, even the high ranks which in theory were beyond antifeminist allowed power to some of the women in their circles, namely Magda Goebbels (which also it's worth mentioning wasn't a virgin at her second marriage with Goebbels, even though he cuckqueaned her thrice-twice which can be interpreted as Goebbels just marrying not to be seen as an inferior, which says a lot about nazi german society)

This doesn't end here. The reich awarded not one, not even two but three women with the fucking iron cross; the highest honor in the nazi regime. The propaganda machine censored anti-fakeup campaings in the late 30s, which is clearly the nazis simping for women while a literal fucking world war was happening and being lost. By 1937 17% of the members of the nazi party were literal foids.

Hell, I might even assume the soviets were more based since they raped the living shit out of the german foids once they defeated their feminist reich.

The Nazis were not that cucked by default compared to Europe throughout history; however, they ended up getting cucked when they failed their war (which they started all by themselves), many of their men were killed, all their women were raped and the remaining men submitted. All thanks to the Nazis, Germans still continue to submit, as we can see with the German culture of shame (oppressing their own people but welcoming every foreigner) and more recently with the war in Ukraine where they're reluctant to oppose their "masters" (and biological fathers), Russia.

Can't get any more cucked than the Nazis in 1944 and 1945. Not even modern society compares.

Ernst Röhm was leader of the Sturmabteilung and was a minister chosen by Hitler, who knew that Röhm was gay but didn't give a shit. Most probably too much of a truecel to get women so gaymaxxed like a lot of young men do nowadays.



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