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Cartoon published 02/11/2024

It’s Super Bowl time again in America. Only this year it isn’t so much about the game but more about who is watching it. And that ‘who’ that is watching is the billionaire songbird Taylor Swift. She is currently dating Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce.

Their much hyped love affair provided the NFL with a bigger audience draw—so I figured things would be rigged to help the Chiefs. It certainly looked suspicious in the AFC championship game with the Chiefs against the Ravens. On paper, Baltimore should have routed Kansas City, but lot of the NFL is looking rigged. The money is too big—of course it’s rigged! Just like our presidential elections are now rigged.

President Trump weighs in. 😁 🇺🇸 👍🏻


We won’t be watching the Woke Super Bowl, but many Americans will be. The NFL has been playing TWO national anthems for the last two years. We have ONE national anthem for all Americans. Playing two anthems is dividing, not uniting people. The NFL is going along with the political Left’s radical racial agenda of national division.

So enjoy the Taylor Swift Show and the 7 million dollar 30 second commercials.

Oh — and a football game will take place too.

—The Grrr Team



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