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On Capitalism
The true Capitalist allows business owners to do whatever they please to gain maximum profit.

I have heard that in mine collapses, mine owners would refuse to rescue workers, letting them die and hire others. It's a perfectly practical way to operate; rescuing is expensive and often, what workers can be rescued are unable to work, and said expense of rescuing them is wasted.

I have read articles of rivers catching fire, and land becoming too poisoned to work afterwards. The proper answer to that is "so?" Look at what happened to the coal companies of England when the government decided to whine about the smogs: Capitalism was interfered with and many companies were ruined. Waste treatment is likewise expensive; a river catching fire may cause some expense, but the installation of waste treatment facilities and proper sewers are likely even more so, and therefore not practical.

There has also been some argument about the Truck System, wherein a company would issue its own currency, forcing employees to buy food from company-owned stores and pay rent to the company, making it impossible to save money to move on. The simple fact is, this is a perfect means of keeping employees loyal, making sure they will go nowhere else.

Demanding companies concern themselves with workplace safety, clean up after themselves, or pay their employees a "fair wage" dilutes and destroys capitalism. Is this a moral way to act? A ridiculous question: morality has nothing to do with Capitalism, and those that believe that's a bad thing are deluded.



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