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RE: I officially lost my faith in God/Islam

Why did you lose faith in Him? Because the world sucks? It's said various times in the bible that this present world sucks and you're not supposed to get attached to it, as hard as it is. The existence of God can be inferred by the laws of thermodynamics; it's impossible that the universe came from nothing and it's also impossible that it always existed, so a supernatural creation is needed. But the particular God from the bible can only be known through direct experience. Such experiences are personal and thus can't be used as proof for other people. That's why we call it "testimony"; I testify that the God of the bible is the one and only true God to you. Believe me or not.

Who created God?

"God" is whatever supernatural cause the universe had, since it couldn't have had a natural one. Since He's supernatural, questions related to natural stuff such as time, matter, etc, don't apply. If He can transcend the laws of thermodynamics (which is a sine qua non condition for Him to have created the universe), we can assume He can also transcend time and matter. He was the one who created time. Time is a limiting condition that everything created is subjected to, but He is not limited by it like we or the universe are.

Because it says so in a 2000 year old book?

We do have evidence in the form of fulfilled prophecies. But again, you can only know it personally if you do what the bible tells you to do an come to Jesus with a sincere heart.



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