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Evidence to provide TRAs when questioned
Hello, I was wondering: does anyone have more science/biology based evidence for why the trans theory is bogus? People ask me and then I get flustered because I don't save every bit of evidence I see and then it gets lost and I can't find it. Also it would be nice to have it for my own interest too.

The one who asks has power!

As others said, turn it around! There's so many holes in this cult so there's plenty of questions, especially if you can act like you don't really know much yet.

But why does a woman wanting to dress as a man make her non binary, i thought women can do anything and clothes have no sex?

How can you have the wrong sex brain? Are humans also born with wrong sex arms and spleens sometimes? What medical measurement do you do on a brain to see it's wrong sex?

Isn't it homophobic to tell gay teens they can be straight and to make them irreversibly infertile? Isnt that a gay genocide?

Why is there a trans remeberence day when trans identified males kill more than they are killed?

If a man who identified as trans in prison but goes back to being a man immediately after, was he really trans?

If men can become women, how come none of them ever was pregnant or birthed a child? Not all women can be pregnant but it's more than zero. There has never been a pregnant man so how did he change sex? In what way? Is looking like the other sex = "changing sex"? But then wouldn't very manish looking women be men?

If you only know a person's gender by asking them, how can people be attracted to someone they haven't talked to?



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