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You don’t become officially blackpill until you’ve had a Chad Friend srs

This is very true. I have a Chad friend and let me tell you the black pill is real. We used to workout together and women made it so obvious that they liked him. They would come up to him and begin chatting him up. One girl recommended a particular grip on a machine. Another time he was minding his own business and a girl approached him from across the gym to help her set up a shitty booty machine. Like how the fuck is he supposed to know how to work the butt blaster 5000? He didn’t notice but for some reason as soon as we got to the gym girls would magically appear around us. I was a retard and thought maybe it could be me? When I went alone this never happened. But I knew why they were doing this. They were very attracted to him. I also went to Uni with him. The biggest black pill moment was when I asked a girl for her number because we all were in a group project together and we needed to be in constant contact regarding our assignment. She was muslim and wore a head scarf. She said, “sorry I don’t give out my number to guys” I thought this was plausible considering her religion. I told my Chad friend about this and he said that she approached him not long ago and gave him her number and even began doing his homework. After the semester he stopped talking to her. I have so many more stories with this chad friend. I literally NEVER got any attention. I’m Pakistani and he’s Iranian.



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