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[Hypocrisy] Your dad probably thinks you're a slayer and you're mom knows you're genetic trash

For those of you who have both parents, first off no offense for what I'm about to say: you're dad probably is a blue pilled cuck who thinks that looks don't matter as long as you have a good personality. He probably makes jokes about how you're going to see your gf whenever you go out. Maybe he was the one who gave you the birds and the bees talk and if you try to black pill him, he probably tells you delusional fantasies of how he got your mom despite he being short and fat (what he won't tell you is the fact that your mom had had 6 boyfriends before hitting the wall and cucking your dad)

Your mom on the other hand, she's more (evil) realistic. Since the moment she saw you, she knew you'd be a genetic inferior and ugly subhuman, and she has raised you as such. All she cared about is you getting good grades so that when you grow up you could have a high paying job where you'd be wageslaving forever to maintain a fat roastie with two bastard kids. That's the best she thinks you can get. She never told you you were handsome. She never encouraged you to gave fun outside and see the world. She never (loved you?) gave you hope.



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