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Who the fuck is paying for reparations Mr. Not?
If its the Republicans- then-
A. You blew up the Republicans and all their money. They're debt-slaves now.
B. Hope you enjoy an insurgency for the next 50 years.

If its the remaining loyal states then-
A. This government sucks. Its giving preferential treatment to Blacks. You're just doing black supremacy and ignoring all the times other Whites, Natives, Asians, and Hispanics get/got exploited.
B. Damn I've come home to my new BugHome(tm) because my suburban home was bulldozed while I was in service to Kamala-Lock-Em-Up-Harris. And I gotta pay extra taxes to the Black guy next door.
Who also gets reparations? I know you said descendant of the 1st Civil War. Do you not realize that's 170 years ago? If generations are 20-30 years long, thats 8-9 generations depending on how much family you have. Do you not realize how many people that is? That's 512 ancestors for you in 8 generations, and 9 generations doubles that for 1024 ancestors. Thats not even getting into adoption if you'd count that or even be able to find connections.
Though I guess since its generalized to just 'African-Americans', so again- back to that black supremacy thing. Or is it just African-Americans, emigrant Africans need not be cared for. Or is it all Blacks in American society? Recently emigrated Nigerians and Congolese get special treatment. Is it anyone with a darker-than-caramel skin color?



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