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White people,

If you haven't already, buy a reliable firearm. Take a fighting pistol and/or fighting rifle course with a trained professional. Go to the range at least once a month to practice what you learned in class. Dry-fire practice at home every single day.

Get a quality holster and a light. Carry your firearm whenever you leave your house, FOR WHATEVER REASON.

America has become a warzone. Act accordingly. Don't wait for tragedy to strike before you make significant lifestyle changes. MAKE ALL NECESSARY CHANGES IMMEDIATELY.

Chicago, IL

@Nature_and_Race I would also recommend that you DO NOT post pictures of your weapons on social media and pay in cash. Because the anti-White regime will use what ever means they can to track you down.

@StoppAntiHvitismen @Nature_and_Race Get a 3d printer, and print your frame. Buy the rest of the parts in cash at a local store.

@Nature_and_Race was hoping this was going end up with the nigger shooting himself

@Nature_and_Race If white guys posted videos like this, FBIATFDOJ would be on them like white on rice.

@Nature_and_Race I'm willing to bet the ATF isn't going to be raiding his house any time soon. Too busy threatening white guys who buy solvent traps.



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