jerrycan dan #racist

[Serious] Why are Asian Chads so rude?

While I've been treated differently by various white Chads and Tyrones (but I was never truly respected), every single Asian Chad I've met has treated me with unrelenting scorn.
It's quite shocking at first because I see them sucking up to all the other Chads and think that they're friendly and outgoing, but as soon as I interact with them, they turn cold and treat me like I'm some kind of unworthy subhuman; and then I see them bullying other truecels.

If this is what all Changs are like, my heart goes out to ricecels.

Chinks are usually spiteful insects who care about nothing unless somebody in a position of power forces them to or if they'll be shamed otherwise, so being attractive just gives them more of a license to do so overtly.
High trust European Chad lives in retarded just world and African Tyrone wants the world to feel the warmth of his big dick energy while he isn't thugmaxxing at your expense. Ching chongs will run over babies and not give a shit.



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