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According to conspiracy theorists, the so-called Project Blue Beam would be the most sophisticated program orchestrated by the New World Order, established to bring men of all nations, cultures and religions to their knees.

During an investigation into it, two journalists died in mysterious circumstances within weeks of each other: the first, a Canadian journalist, was visiting Ireland, the second, more well known, was Serge Monast.

Although, in both cases, heart attack was recognized as the cause of death, neither had ever experienced cardiovascular disease before and, strangely, induced heart attacks are among the alleged elimination methods used by the Project Blue Beam .

Before his disappearance, Serge Monast published incredible revelations obtained anonymously from "reformed" politicians, military and members of intelligence organizations and in 1994 he released an important interview in which he illustrated in great detail this occult operation. His intent to make people understand that the New World Order would not be the result of paranoia or mere conspiracy but a real satanic project

New World Religion is the starting point for New World Government: renouncing one's beliefs in the name of this new form of spirituality is a sine qua non for making people accept the New World Order.

This process will be based on an oath to Lucifer through an initiation ritual: those who refuse the New World Order are destined for concentration and re-education camps for which the classification "rainbow colors of the prisoner of the new world order" was created.
The rainbow is considered to be the symbol of the bridge that will lead to the satanic world of the New World Order.



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