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Nigeria bans diversity (i.e. no white models) in advertising

Guess what this country did?

Hey let's ban "diversity" in predominately white, Western countries too! Hey why not, if Nigeria can do it we can too. That would be nice.

I never realized how much hatred the black community has toward Whites until recently, like the past few years. Now we can begin to see why and how the 1804 Haiti massacre happened.

Funny how no one is crying how racist, horrible and evil Nigeria is. Yet you can bet if Sweden Norway, Germany, the UK, US or any other white country did this, or banned non-white immigration everyone would be crying how racist, evil, and hateful they are, and would demand everyone to boycott them, or anything that comes from them.

"Diversity" is forced only on white countries and every white country. Notice the Jews, who are the ones forcing "diversity" on every white country have some of the strictest immigration laws for their country. If "Diversity" is really so good why is it only forced on white countries?
Well, those of us awake to the agenda know it's because the Jews themselves know it's bad and destructive, and they're only forcing it on white countries because we're the ones they want to get rid of.

The end result of this so called diversity of it's allowed to continue, ironically, will be zero diversity. Everyone will be brown skinned with black hair and dark brown/black eyes.


Nigeria says the need to “develop local talent” and support “inclusive economic growth” justifies the move.

Nigeria was previously heavily reliant on foreign models and voiceover specialists in its ads, including white models and voiceovers with British accents, according to The Times.

Negros being self hating jealous negros . What this is really saying is the mere picture of White people on their TV and other advertising and media simply reminds them their looks and their brains pale ( excuse the pun ) in comparison.

(Huginn ok Muninn)
GOOD. They need to be trained to lust after their own women, not ours.



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