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On Thursday, August 28, 2014, Joan Rivers went into a coma, and was put on life support, after something went wrong during a minor medical procedure. One week later, on Thursday, September 4, she died, at the age of 81. The Sovereign God that breathed life into her nostrils – that God whom she proudly blasphemed with her every breath – required her soul at 1:17PM. At which time, by all objective evidence, Joan Rivers was summarily dispatched into hell, where she quickly discovered the melting point of plastic. Ever since that moment, this godless generation of perverts have been tripping over one another while they run to glorify this impudent, lewd, whorish woman, and call her blessed and holy. Shame! Joan is no longer deceived, and deceiving about the nature and power of God, and she wants only two things at this hour: water for her tongue, and truth for her friends and neighbors who are yet alive, and yet have time to repent.



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