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I want my ex-bully to knock my girlfriend up

I'm also concerned that the baby wont look black. My bully is very black but my girlfriend is also very white with very fair features. I've noticed that mixed kids of fair white women often look very white. I would enjoy weird stares from white people and the laughing and disrespect from black people. So I'd like our kid to be clearly part black. The same for the future 4 or 5 more kids I hope we have.

My bully caught carona before she decided to contact him. That was a few months ago and he still seems to be fine. It's a serious virus though and I can't consent to her having sex with him or even meeting him until he's been fine for another month and repeatedly tests negative from multiple clinics and multiple ways to test. My girlfriend cried a bit because she was so excited to do this. I've been comforting her as much as I can physically and emotionally and reminding her that it's going to happen soon enough. I told her I'd try to make it up to her while she waits for him.

This is really upsetting for both of us.

We're considering finding another black man. She's considering a guy she showed me a video of, fucking a poor southern guys fiancee because he used the n word. He really rubs it in talking crap while he does her from behind. I feel sorry for the guy because the black guy disrespected the guys privacy and family. He was talking about how much he loves his little family and wanting to get married and have another kid.

The black man has 3 girlfriends now..

Does anyone know this guy? He has some powerful, aggressive genes and my girlfriend wants him. If you know any of his accounts or channels, please let me know.

LMAO. A cuck trying to be intimidating, by going through my post history no less. You're cute.

I love how the people who are rightfully disturbed by your post you get mad at, and the sickos encouraging you to let your gf cheat on you and have you raise another man's child you welcome with open arms and friendliness.

You do realize you're extremely mentally ill, right...? Right...??

I'm not trying to be intimidating at all. I didn't need to go through your post history. All I had to do was glance at it. lol

Okay, but answer the question. Do you realize how sick you are? You need therapy. Your gf is going to dump you btw as well if you don't fix your brain.

There are benefits to my girlfriend bearing my bullies kids too. Mixed kids are healthier and have less abnormalities than Caucasian kids. They're physically stronger and much more athletic than Caucasians. We can afford a much bigger house for our future because we can buy one in a diverse neighborhood with lower property values. We'll fit in well with the neighborhood and I don't have to worry as much about them being picked on at school like Caucasian kids often have to deal with. Most importantly, if my bully stays here, they'll have a black uncle (my bully) that might want to visit my girlfriend and his kids from time to time.

Now tell me what it is that makes YOU think I'm sick. Tell me how to "fix my brain" and Why would a girl dump a loyal provider that encourages her cheat on him? What would the point of that be? And tell me why you're so against this.



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