Bill Mitchell & Various Commenters #sexist

(Bill Mitchell)
Everytime I see these liberal abortion protesters, my first thought is, "Someone is actually having sex with these women?"

Some men are desperate, since the attractive, kind women are MAGA and don’t put out at the drop of a hat.

"Someone is actually having sex with these women?"

Soy beta boys like Newsom, Swallwell, Beto, Trudeau.....that is who does the deed with these freaks

No self-respecting rapist would rape them.

Police Officer/D.A./Defense Attorney: Did you rape that woman?

Accused Rapist: I did not rape her. I could NEVER get that drunk or high. Because if I did, I would be DEAD!!!

Don’t count on it. Most likely they’re NOT having sex which is why they act like psychopaths.



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