StSausageCel & Neoginesu #psycho #sexist

JFL People think I'm harmless because I'm quiet.

They automatically assume just cause I'm quiet that means I'm gentle. I'm tired of them always bringing attention toward me whenever they say bullshit like that.

It's happened to me since I was little. People always calling me nice and gentle. Especially teachers. It's almost patronising, calling a young man like me"gentle" because that means you don't see him as a threat. I'm pretty sure everyone seems me as some harmless overgrown kid, because I don't see anybody calling attractive guys "gentle".

I'd love to beat the shit out of some foid one day, and show everyone how nice and gentle I really am...:feelsBox:

The opposite is true for me.

Everyone thought that'll grow up a future serial killer, school shooter, rapist, pedophile etc just because I didn't talk at all in primary school.

They're probably not wrong actually.



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