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[RageFuel] In Germany - Men are literally paying for cucking themselves

For every man in Germany:
(Birth control for unemployed people)

Men are literally paying for any form of brith control for females. That means while I worked hard in my low-level job back then, some females had coitus because I payed for it via tax money.

While plenty of men have to listen to some ''Sleepy, Needy, Cuddly, Girlfriend ASMR'' only so they do not feel that lonely anymore, we have to give our money to females, so that they can have some sex with other men... I just cannot comprehend this. This is beyond any form of cuckoldry and retardation.

And then when finally some man snaps, the media and the general public just act all shocked ''ohh how could such thing have happened...''.

If you want to get some help in Germany you will find something like this:
[Logo of the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth]
It says: For family, old people, young people... and females (of course). But men are not mentioned specifally. There is no party and no community who really fights for men. It is even considered as toxic and reactionary yet men in general created civilization and men are responsible for maintaining this civilization. But the only thing the media, general public and females have to say, is how much they hate men.



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