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It's funny that they try to shoehorn themselves in when as far as I'm aware they haven't even done anything to help abortion rights. In fact they've actively hindered it by making a big screech over the use of the word "women." That's like sabotaging the gun rights debate by insisting "guns kill people" is disinclusive of animals because animals are shot by guns too, and making a big screech to get anti-gun people to say "guns kill sentient beings." It makes no sense to dispute the one single thing your argument is about, it's infuriating.

They have actively hindered most recent feminist movements and projects by demanding to be centered and then making it all about themselves, which causes most actual women to leave or tune out. They have spent years making it impossible for women to even describe themselves without including males as well (first they came after “women” then “female” then “biological female” which they now call a TERF Nazi dog whistle). How can you organize if you can’t even define your own group?

They couldn’t be more successful if they were an actual MRA psyop.

It's because with leftism in the west now, you have to have lockstep adherence whatever the new orthodoxy is. You can't be pro-abortion, but pro-freedom of speech, or pro-women's rights, but pro-gun. You must march in lockstep to whatever the twitter mind has decided is the correct stance on any issue, as determined by who can come up with the most viral hot take.

Left and right (particularly left these days) have become social groups, not political ones. Political beliefs are just a way of signaling group identity. You’ll confuse and anger people if you claim to be part of their group without performing the appropriate verbal rituals.

Remember that white leftists in particular have lost access to most other group identities that might have given them meaning in the past (religious membership, national pride, any sense of local community) and so they’re desperate for something bigger than themselves to belong to. It’s just a shame that they latched onto performative online idpol rather than setting up a workers’ rights movement or something.



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