BilalBeta #sexist

[RageFuel] Islam is a joke! JFL at copers who believe Islam will restrain women once they become westernized!

My muslim sister is pregnant out of wedlock with a non-muslim man! She is proudly announcing it on all of her social media and to whoever will listen to her display her whore behavior. But guess what is the worst part? My parents (Saudi and Egyptian background) are not furious as they should be. They are congratulating her and her European chad boyfriend. You won't even believe what my mother said today. She said that maybe their baby will have her boyfriends light blue eyes and lighter hair as my entire family has black hair and brown eyes. 100 years ago she would probably get stoned to death or beheaded for this in any muslim country or community. Its true we live in Canada, however, this whore behavior is spreading throughout Islamic communists in the West and even in so-called islamic countries. It won't be long before this is a normal thing in saudi arabia too since they can now drive, not wear hijab, can go to mixed sex concerts, are now encouraged to get educated and work, mix with men in cafes and public areas. They're even looking into changing divorce laws to favor women especially in custody matters. Its so over everywhere. Sometimes I wonder why didn't I rope yet.



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