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Richcel coming here to complain. I went to a Swiss Boarding school from Grade 7 - 12. The entire school only had 280 students and my year only had 34 students. 2 Chads in my year fucked every girl in my year and they were in Grade 12 fucking Grade 7s and no one cared.

It's the most humiliating experience of my life. Hearing about them talk about sex and taking girls virginities. I bet they took 30+ virginities before they 18. The upper class is sick they treat sex like nothing. Everyone I knew lost their virginity at 12 or 13. They would skip ski trips to have sex. They would skip school to have sex. Being in an 8 person class and knowing 5 of the girls in the room lost their virginity to the same guy is suifuel of unmatched levels. Even the male teachers felt emasculated I could see it in their face. Everyone knew. I was stuck in that prison for 6 years and now i'm graduating university next year and I still haven't gotten over what i've seen. These guys lived a better life than i'll ever live and they did it all in their teens



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