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RE: Racial/Ethnic Variation Found in Nasal Gene Expression of Key Protein Used By SARS-CoV-2

Helps explain Covid’s disproportionate impact on blacks.

To say nothing of those big fat open nose holes sucking in all of that polluted infected virus laden air.

Plus they are stupid. Smoking (tobacco and marijuana) is endemic among them. Few have any impulse control which means most are overweight and many obese. And overall they lack the discipline to practice any sort of basic health safety protocols.

maybe the fact that these mental midgets dont wear masks and gather for hood parties is the reason they are infected at a higher rate.. plus the fact that most of them are fat and have hypertension and diabetes results in a higher death rate? naw, COVID be RACIST!!!

(Rich at Large)

So evolution is working slowly to rid us of this plague? Or the Chinese?

Between disease, famine, and tribal warfare, nature has been trying to keep this population in check, but we keep thwarting nature by applying fixes while inviting them to dwell among us.


According to science, Blacks have broad noses as an evolutionary development to help cool their bodies in hot steamy Africa. They also have a better sense of smell which could have given them more survival advantage in wild steamy Africa. This present plague is also related to SARS which all came to us from China.

Yeah the wider jackson 5 nostrils contribute to having more cases than smaller ones. That's not a surprise.

They also have much longer arms and big hands to help their bodies dispose of heat.. You can tell how Germanic/ Nordic a human is my their short forearms and fingers.. Also they love to spit in the street. Spitting was once out lawed in SA if caught 30 days jail time.



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