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RE: Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Will Not Face Charges, District Attorney Says

Will there be riots tonight or tomorrow? That will be interesting to see. If there are then shooting a black man by the police has become a no no, just like using the n word by anyone but them.

(Fed Up)
I am glad we have almost no blacks in our area. Because if they were to stage "a peaceful protest" with the looting and rioting, arson and vandalism -- I'd be facing murder charges! Because I would defend what I own and care about with deadly force.

(Wake up)
Again I say.... had rioting, looting & burning been viciously squashed in the late 1960’s, the message would have been sent that “Whitey ain’t playin”.

(Jeff Alexander)
The recurring theme is black defiance when confronted. Liberals and Africans put the onus on cops - who can be overzealous- to change, but none on Africans to refrain from resisting.

I don't like the child excuse of the cop as our adversaries will use it too.

(Fed Up)
What is it about being stopped or detained by a police officer that turns black people into raging wild animals? All you have to do is just shut up. Do exactly as you are told. Keep your hands in sight and don't act like you're about to reach for a weapon.

Follow those simple rules and no violent confrontation will occur. If you're not arrested, you can walk away. If you are arrested, you can get a lawyer to represent you. What is so hard for blacks to understand here?



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